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Tuesday April 24th, 2018 10:12am EST


Empire State Medi-Cab has entrusted Millennium Bytes, Inc. a specialist in medical transportation software to handle and design all aspects of our client database, scheduling, dispatch, and billing systems. This technology allows us to service our customers at the highest levels possible.
Client Database:
Once a customer is in our database, an individual account is established. This account is then used to set up all future trips with absolute accuracy. In addition, we update the account with emergency contacts, special instructions (ie: pick up at side door, recent knee surgery, etc.), preferred payment method, Medicaid number (if applicable), and other specific details that our drivers need to know about each customer before we arrive for your transport. After all, the more information we have about a transport, the more prepared we can be. This translates into the best possible customer experience.
When we receive a request for a transport, an Empire State Medi-Cab representative will enter the details of the transport directly into our scheduling system. Depending on distance, time of day, and other variables, we will determine the proper time to arrive at your location. At the same time, we will also determine an approximate time for the return trip. On the day of the transport, once we arrive at your appointment location, the driver will get a more exact time for the return trip and report this information directly to the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher then enters the new, more accurate return time into the system. This procedure allows us to have the shortest possible wait times for our customers when they are finished with their appointments.
Using a computerized dispatch system allows us to track all of our transports up to the exact minute throughout the day.  The technology uses a color coded system to track which stage each transport is at. This allows us to know precisely which Ambulette will be available for our next pickup or return trip based on time and location. Every minute we can save with intelligent planning, equates to shorter wait times for all of our customers.
Vehicle Tracking System:
Each Ambulette has a vehicle tracking device installed.  This device allows us to monitor the speeds of each vehicle, the route each Ambulette is taking, local traffic jams which helps us avoid lenghty delays, turn by turn tracking from the moment the vehicle is turned on until the vehicle is shut after each driver's shift, and many more important features about each Ambulette we use for safety and efficiency throughout the day.
After the client is entered into the database, the trip is scheduled, and the transport is completed, the system automatically invoices the trip. Whether the trip is a private pay and an invoice needs to be mailed or a Medicaid or Insurance claim submission is needed, our customers need not worry. We will handle all aspects of billing and keep this frustrating aspect out of your hands.  When needed, we can always provide a copy of your invoice for your records.